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lyrics by "Disturbed" from "Asylum", "The Animal",
line 1 - 4, 7 & 8 and 11 & 12 - released 2010 by Reprise Records

Well, anytime my inner beast comes to life....

This drawing tells You a lot about my self... more than any photo does. :)

I give "The Guy" all the time, but if you poke deeper - I most likely smack you with a smile.
not that Animal truly is the perfect guest...

You see,
I had to use common characters with widely known attributes
- usually copyrighted characters.

It works, because You know instantly, which attributes I give myself. (Hopefully)

I don´t expect you to know "The Guy" of Disturbed ,
but literally anyone should know, that "The Animal" is Jim Henson´s creation.

This is fanart ;p

acceptable by resMENSA by resMENSA

I´m not an artist, I´m a mergist!

stock rules can be seen here: STOCK RULES


Just listening to Jakatta - Strung Out from the album Visions ;P

some music.... of my favorites
If I want to complete this list, I would have to travel back in time to do so.

These are german singing artists:

Reinhard Mey
Rio Reiser
Blixa Bargeld
Die Ärzte (natürlich!)

and these are english singing artists from Germany:

Guano Apes

sry, as soon as s.o. states, that mothers love their children automatically, because nature made us like that - my hackles raise...

"mother-instinct" ?
This is an invention of 19th century fantasy-authors!
And my mom believed in this myth.

It was to 100% clear, that she loves me. And is the natural choice to raise me.
Because she let me grow.
Because she gave me life.

LOL - did my father add nothing ?

As it was given, that she loves me - telling me was not necessary.
Any normal kid knows instinctively, that their mom - loves it. 

I deny this...

For instance...
My mom told me later (in my twens) - what a huge recreation it was for her to let me beg.
(in my primary school days)
Because I looked sooo cute asking for something.

She loved that. She loved me! 
loved me for doing this:

attendant for love by resMENSA

beggin, very, very cute...

OK, my parents got divorced in my 4th year. 
My mom, my sis and me moved out.
After a year we moved again.
And after another year again.
In those two years my mom just stuffed me away to organize her own life.
And my sister went to kindergarden, then to primary school.

Now I was 6 years old and a little shy.
Living in a new place, again.
My sister took me to primary school.
But after a year, she went to another school.
She is 3 years older than me.
But that didn´t matter. I knew the way to school now.

My mom believed, that my sister would take care of me automatically.
Since, we were siblings & my mom told her to...

She never asked me, if I am happy with my treatment.
For what?
It´s common sense... or not?
That mothers love their children, because they gave life to them.
And that kids love their biological parents the most (automatically)
And that all family members stand for each other automatically.
Since, it´s family - worth more, than any friendship could be...

S.o. should have told my sister...
She just hated me.

But my mom never talked to me directly!
Never asked!

pleasure by resMENSA

Sure! - That would have given her facts, which totally speak against her definition of love.

Better bend the facts until they fit to theory... instead of admitting a mistake.
What shall the neighbours think?
If I don´t act perfect in public!

This must be my mistake as a kid.
Grown-ups know so much more about the world and are always controlled in their doings & emotions.

LOL - They have the literal power over your life!
OF COURSE - any grown-up is right, automatically.. or are you tired of your life?

I was not and started to wear a mask with my 12th.

Mature Content

germ gem by resMENSA

My mom said later, that I was her favorite child.
That she didn´t like my sister as much as me.
Must have been hard for my sister to find out, she was just used to maintain my moms fave toy - me!

My mom never talked to me, just to my sister.
I had very complicated rules to follow, which contact to other humans is suitable and which is not.
My sister had not.
This was for practical reason.
My mom needed a tool to keep me as naive as possible as long as possible.

To play with my soul forever...


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